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Grow Your Profits and Cash Without The Guesswork
I help owner operators of multi-million dollar companies make sense of their numbers, and lead their team to grow profits and cash flow, with a step-by-step process.
 Data-Driven, Guesswork Free Approach 
Aligns Every Part of Your Business for Financial Performance
Practical, Proven Processes—No Theoretical Fluff 
Don't let your hard work go unrewarded

82% of businesses fail due to cash flow issues. Don't become a statistic.

If you're generating multi-million dollar revenues, but struggling with low profits, your business and personal life are at risk.

But there are steps you can follow to understand what your numbers are telling you, and delegate a plan to grow your profits.

It's time to see real profits, and enjoy the benefits of a business built on all the time and effort you've invested.

"I've gained a ton of knowledge from you... it's helped us get clarity on our business, and what we should be focusing on.  And as a result our EBIT just kept going up every month."

Jeff Root

Owner, Digital BGA

"Working with Rob is a no brainer. He has guided me on cutting away my distractions so I can focus, showed me how to leverage my psychology to lift my company's performance, and even found me millions in new profits over the next few years - easily recouping me a 25x return on my investment"

Boris Schrenzel

Owner, Nutrisolution

"Rob has a clarity to see the big picture of where you are, and where you need to go, but then he has the actual steps and processes to help you carry it out.  Every entrepreneur needs a Rob in their lives."

Travis Jamison
Owner, Smash Digital, Smash.VC
"If you'd have told me everything that was going to go on in 2020, and then that I'd still have made more revenue, profit, and cashflow than the year before, I would've called you crazy.  Yet with your advice, here we are."

Rusty Koss

Owner, Koss Creative

The 3 Step Data-Driven Approach To Growing Your Profits And Cash Flow
Get The Right Numbers From Your Business
Understand What They're Saying Needs To Be Done
Delegate To Your Team, Improving Your Finances
Transform Your Hard Work into Profits And Cash with Data-Driven Clarity

You’re an owner-operator of a multi-million dollar company, working hard to get your profits and cash flow to match your hard work. But navigating complex business decisions can be challenging - and risk. By leveraging data-driven insights and proven frameworks, you can make informed decisions and see measurable results.

Drawing on a 17 years of experience across various industries and markets, I help you understand all aspects of your business—from sales and marketing to finance and operations—ensuring every part works together seamlessly. Acting as your trusted advisor, I guide you through complex decisions, minimizing risk and maximizing growth.

Together, we'll ensure you receive the rewards of your hard work, gaining the clarity and financial performance you’ve been striving for.

Rob Hanly, somewhere in Southern Europe 
How I Work With Qualified Clients
Power Days
We work side by side to completely transform your business' profitability, cash flow, and growth trajectory in a single day. 
Private Advisory
I work with you for one year as a business partner, acting as a sounding board, confidant, and accountability provider. You keep all the upside.
I invest in owner-operated businesses with 7 figure turnover. I'm interested in growth capital, acquisitions, and  recapitalisation. 
 In just 15 minutes, gain the clarity you need to make informed business decisions. Discover how your financial data fits together and identify key metrics that drive profits and cash flow. Stop guessing and start growing your business with confidence. 
To access this free, 15 minute, on-demand webinar, click the red button and confirm your details.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which industries do you work with?
While I've got experience working with manufacturing, supplements, publishing, and more, these days I'm industry agnostic.

This is because I have a proven process to determine if - and how - I might be able to help.

All I need is a conversation with you, and a review of your basic financial statements. This all begins with the free consultation.

Do you guarantee specific results?
I guarantee that your condition will be improved if we mutually agree to work together - and substantially so.

While I can never promise a specific financial improvement to the cent, what I can do is demonstrate to you roughly what improvement you can expect.

I believe that a guaranteed win in broadstrokes is always better than a best-case-only success.
What revenue range do you work with?

If you have a business with multiple millions in revenue, I'm likely able to help.

If your business generates between $15M - $50M in annual revenue, I am absolutely confident that I'll be able to help you. 

If your company generates $2M - $15M in revenue we need to talk before I'm confident I can help. I'm intentionally selective in this revenue range to ensure you get results if we work together.

Do you work with owner operated businesses?
Yes. I prefer to work directly with owner operators.

This is because, in my experience, they have the greatest willingness to act quickly, and greatest ability to see a benefit from our work together.

Plus, by working directly with owner operators, I've found this also makes it easier to discover and address any "outside of work" issues that are affecting the business.

And if you have a leadership team? I work with leadership teams in support of owner operators.
I have a CFO. Can we still work together?
Probably not. Here's why:

In my experience, non-equity holding CFOs are more concerned about protecting their monthly paycheck than ensuring your company's profitability and growth.

They'll often fight outside eyes coming in and exposing what they're doing wrong. This creates politics and fiefdoms which I have no interest in.

That said, if your commitment to your company's future is greater than your commitment to your relationship with your CFO... we may be able to work together.
Do you only help with financial optimisation?
No. My focus is growing your profits and cash flow, and I understand that sales and marketing is an important lever in achieving this.

My approach focuses on optimising the cash flow and profits on every dollar you're already bringing in...

...and only then, once all the cancerous costs have been eliminated, do we look at driving revenue.

This ensures that you keep as much as possible of every single new dollar your company brings in.
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